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Effective from December 7th, 2018, Werner Deuring acquires all shares in the Deurotech Group, which is located in Langenfeld, Germany. Werner Deuring is again the sole shareholder and will continue to lead the group as the sole managing director. During the past three years, 74 percent of the business stakes were held by Hannover Finanz.

Werner Deuring has in-depth industry knowledge in the field of mechanical plant and engineering and supports the group companies with his business expertise and his know-how of customers, markets and global developments. Now, the group can fully exploit its innovation potential, differentiate and grow in the marketplace. The focus of the group is on expanding its environmental technology area as well as the digital transformation, integration and creation of value for the customers.

Deurotech Group is a group of specialists in the wood-based panels and paper industry. The machine and plant manufacturers Vits Technology, IFA Technology, Wessel-Umwelttechnik and Airprotech offer coordinated process technology for surface converting from a single source: impregnation and coating lines, systems for resin production and processing, as well as exhaust air purification and energy recovery.

Vits Technology since its foundation in 1928, impregnating, coating and contact-free drying have been among the core competences of the world market leader for impregnation lines. Vits is a specialist for the treatment of web-handling materials such as pater, finish foil, carbon fibre or woven fabrics.

IFA Technology is a process engineering company specialising in the weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing of solids and liquid materials. For almost 40 years, tailor-made and fully automated systems for process optimisation have been manufactured for all industrial sectors. IFA is the market leader in the field of resin processing.

Wessel-Umwelttechnik for more than 50 years, Wessel has been a competent partner in exhaust air purification and heat recovery. The company offers turnkey plants for biological and chemical exhaust air purification as well as systems for energy recovery.

Airprotech is a leader in the design, construction and manufacture of turnkey exhaust air purification plants. The company offers exhaust gas combustion through thermal and catalytic exhaust air purification systems and rotor concentration.