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For some time now, owners of impregnation plants for the wood-based panel industry have been looking for a reliable way to lower their energy costs and reduce the related CO2-emissions. In this respect, a key plant component is in the focus of attention - the flotation dryer. With a total length of up to 50m, this unit has the greatest influence on energy consumption. 

As the market leader for impregnation plants, VITS has dealt intensively with this issue and has already achieved a presentable result by retrofitting suitable sensor technology in stationary use.

With our dryer automation DRY-IT we are going one step further and linking this sensor technology, which has proven to be very robust and reliable in long-term tests, with specially developed control software to transform conventional dryers into a modern SMART dryer. This transformation is possible with all dryers and with any year of manufacture, whereby the exact design is always adapted to the respective application.

We have developed DRY-IT specifically as a retrofit for our almost 1,000 already installed VITS systems and are also equipping our new systems with it.

The available results indicate an energy reduction of an impressive 20-30%, which - in the case of directly heated dryers - leads to an immediate CO2-reduction in the same range. In addition, conclusions can be drawn from the quality of the paper produced during the running process.

Top advantages of DRY-IT:

  • Significant energy cost savings of 20 - 30 %
  • Monitoring of product quality during ongoing production
  • Sustainable production: 20 - 30 % less CO2 emissions 

3 good reasons to think about retrofitting DRY-IT

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