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With effect from February 8th, 2018, Deurotech Group acquires a majority stake in the Italian exhaust air specialist Airprotech srl, located in Magenta, Italy. The founding Family Gatti remains with a minority stake. With this decision, the group strengthens its market position in the field of exhaust air purification and decisively expands its portfolio in the field of environmental technologies.

The investment in Airprotech complements the already existing product program of their subsidiary Wessel-Umwelttechnik, striving to promote the strategic expansion of the product sector exhaust air purification - in particular the biological and thermal exhaust air purification processes. In addition to innovative technologies and qualified personnel, positive synergies in procurement, R & D as well as in customer service are expected.

Airprotech and Wessel-Umwelttechnik have a high level of know-how and innovation potential, which offer opportunities with regard to diversification and global growth. In the light of these market opportunities, the acquisition of Airprotech is a first step for a further significant expansion of the business unit environmental technologies.

Airprotech´s proven management team as well as the location remain the same.

Deurotech Group is a group of businesses specializing in the wood based panels and paper industry. The machinery and plant engineers Vits Technology, IFA Technology and Wessel-Umwelttechnik offer coordinated process technology in surface converting from a single source: impregnation and coating lines, systems for resin preparation as well as exhaust air purification and energy recovery.

Airprotech is a leading company specialized in designing, manufacturing in its own facilities and supplying turn-key plants for the purification of polluted gas emissions, based on reliable and modern technologies, deriving from more than 25 years of experience applied to different product sectors. International customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, print, paint industry and many other fields are supplied with custom-designed turn-key solutions.

Wessel-Umwelttechnik is a professional partner in all questions of exhaust air purification and heat recovery. The company provides turn-key installations for various environmental tasks. An extensive product range allows tailor-made system technology. In addition to cost-effective delivery and installation, the company´s main focus is on optimal economic operation of the system.

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